These segments have been taken from a series of time-lapse motion picture films made by Prof. Hans Reichenbach with the collaboration of the Institut für den wissenschaftlichen Film, Göttingen, Germany. Many of the segments shown here can be found in their Film 893 (Reichenbach, H., H.H.Heunert and H.Kuczka, 1965 Schwarmentwicklung und morphogenese bei Myxobakterien - Archangium, Myxococcus,Chondrococcus,Chondromyces. Film 893 of the Institut für den wissenschaftlichen Film, Göttingen, Germany.).

Please keep in mind that the quality of the original film is far superior to the clips displayed here.

You may choose from among the following segments:

1- Motility of vegetative rods. High magnification.

2- Motility of swarms. Low magnification.

3- Aggregation of Chondromyces apiculatus, as a prelude to fruiting body formation.

4- Fruiting body formation by Chondromyces apiculatus.

5- Germination of a sporangiole of Chondromyces apiculatus.

6- Germination of the myxospores of Myxococcus xanthus.

7- Slime trails of Chondromyces apiculatus.

8- Rippling by Corallococcus coralloides.

9- Advancing edge of a swarm of myxobacteria.

10- Lysis of Sarcina by Archangium violaceum.

Please note that all of these clips are QuickTime movies and may not be displayable on some unix systems.

The movies look better if viewed on a monitor set for (at least) 256 colors or grays. If you notice that display of the movie is very blotchy, you may find much improvement if you switch your monitor setting to Grays, instead of color, to view the movies.