Lysis of Sarcina by Archangium violaceum.

The myxobacteria are able to lyse and feed on the released remains of a variety of microbes, including both eukarya and gram positive and gram negative bacteria. They do so by means of the excretion of a battery of powerful enzymes, including proteases, lipases, lysozyme and nucleases. Note the lysis of the Sarcina cells at a distance (this is characteristic of gram positive prey but not of gram negative ones). Note also the apparent ability of the myxobacteria to head more or less directly for the clumps of Sarcina, implying some sort of tactic ability.

For a more detailed discussion of the lytic ability of the myxobacteria see: Rosenberg, E. and M. Varon. Antibiotics and lytic enzymes. pp.109-125 in Myxobacteria:Development and Cell Interactions. 1984 (Ed) E. Rosenberg. Springer-Verlag, N.Y.

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