Germination of a sporangiole of Chondromyces apiculatus.

The resting cells are contained in the sporangiole. When conditions are appropriate for germination, the sporangiole swells slightly and the rod-shaped myxospores begin to move within the sporangiole. One end of the sporangiole is lysed, releasing the cells, then the other. The cells form a swarm and begin to move out from the shell of the germinated sporangiole. The swarm eventually merges with a swarm from a second germinated sporangiole and then moves off as a single large swarm. Note that single cells can move as individuals for a short period of time. Then it seems to be necessary for them to return to the swarm. Very little is known about the development or general biology of the genus Chondromyces.

See "motility." or References 9 and 10 for more details of "A" (adventurous) and "S" (social) motility.

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