General reviews


Dworkin, M. 1996 Recent advances in the social and developmental biology of the myxobacteria. Microbiol. Rev. 60: 70-102.

This is a recent review that summarizes current research on the myxobacteria, focusing mainly on Myxococcus xanthus.

Myxobacteria II 1993 M. Dworkin and D. Kaiser (eds) American Society for Microbiology Press.

This is a collection of chapters from individual laboratories, on different aspects of the myxobacteria. It is the most comprehensive and detailed review of contemporary myxobacterial research.

Reichenbach, H. and M. Dworkin. 1991 The myxobacteria in The Prokaryotes II Eds. Balows, Trüper, Dworkin, Harder and Schleifer. Chap. 188, p.3417-3487 Springer-Verlag.

This chapter contains a great deal of material on the cultivation, isolation, ecology and physiology of the myxobacteria. It covers all of the myxobacteria.

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