Singer Lab
>>A. Lab personnel:
>> 1) Jeff Pollack-Graduate Student. Project- Biochemical
>>characterization of the SdeK histidine kinase
>> 2) Peggy Baer-Graduate Student. Project- Charaterization of the
>>dfrA gene and its product in development and vegetative growth.
>> 3) Linfong Tzien - Graduate Student. Just joined the lab and will
>>be woring on the function of the SdeAB genes.
>> 4) Anthony Garz- Postdoctoral Fellow. Project- Identification and
>>regulation of the sdeAB operon.
>> 5) Baruch Harris- Technician. Will be leaving the lab in June to
>>attend graduate school in the fall. We wish him the best of luck.
>>B. Publications.
>> Accepted for publication in genes and development:
>> "The guanosine nucleotide (p)ppGpp initiates developmetn and A-factor
>>production in Mycococcus xanthus", B.Z. Harris, D. Kaiser, and M. Singer.
>> Submitted for publication:
>> 1) "SdeK regulates early fruiting body development in Myxococcus
>>xanthus" A.G.Garza, J.S. Pollack, B.Z. Harris, A.Lee, I.M.Keseler, E.F.
>>Licking, and M. Singer.
>> 2) "Identification of the Myxococcus xanthus argE homolg and a
>>corresponding arginine auxotrophy" B.Z. Harris and M.Singer.
>>C. Current projects:
>>We are still working on the relA gene and protien. We have expanded our
>>work into translation control by characterizing a small open reading frame
>>designated dfrA. Work in mamalian systems have implicated this gene in
>>translation regulatiuon. In addition, we are identifying and
>>characterizing a variety of starvation inducible genes that are required
>>for development, the sde genes. We are working on both the regulation and
>>function of two sde genes, sdeA and SdeB.
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